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Fire Alarm

Fire Alarms and Detection Systems

In the life safety business it is all about trust.

Protective Measures proudly installs products to meet the demanding requirements of today's codes and our clients.


A properly working fire alarm system begins with the design which is why our systems are designed and installed to meet current national, state and local codes and are installed using highly refined installation practices and methods.


Every component is rigorously tested at the completion of the installation to ensure a properly working system is delivered to the end-user. Our NICET certified staff members are ready to consult on your next project whether it is a new installation, upgrade or retro-fit. 
We provide:

  1. Custom designs

  2. Installations

  3. Servicing

  4. Maintenance

  5. Tests and Inspections

And offer the following products:

  • Conventional Detection Products

  • Addressable Detection Products

  • Audio/Visual Notification Appliances

  • Smoke and Fan Controls

  • Elevator Recall

  • UL Certification

  • Fire Alarm Control Panels

  • Fire Alarm System Networks

  • Test, Inspect and Monitoring Devices

  • Emergency Voice Evacuation System

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